Top free slot apps for Android phone: brief summary

Slots are very popular and many people are looking for free slot apps for Android phone. Sometimes gamblers find it pretty hard to choose the best application as each game has different themes and strategies. The aim of this article is to help gamblers find the best slots for the Android-based device.

Where to find free slot apps for Android phone?

The player may already have a particular target in mind, or read the user’s reviews and choose the best slot application. Before you or download the application to your device or start playing it online, check all the info you need about the slot application and its bonus system and decide if it is worth your time.

The best source is Google Play with its diverse library of games and casinos. Also there are a lot of online casinos offering free slots. Any search engine can help you to find such web sites.

The most popular types of Android slot games applications

There are a lot of slot-type Android casino games. Any gambler can choose the application which suits best. Some slots games online with good payout evoke the feeling of victory. On the other hand, playing a few rounds of slots with simple rules would make you feel relax. The most popular games are:

  • Slots: a traditional slot machine with the spinning reels.
  • Roulette: there is a 38-sector wheel, all the sectors are traditionally painted in black, red and green.
  • Blackjack: a smart game with the virtual dealer and a card counting strategy.
  • Poker: a tricky realistic game with Poker card symbols and progressive jackpots.
  • Baccarat: get as many scores as possible using some cards.

Top free slot apps for Android phone

The users of Android-based devices have a great choice of slots apps. Some games can be even educational and bring lots of fun and money:

  • 616 Digital slots games is one of the best free slot apps for Android phone in 2019 with daily spins as a bonus.
  • 777 Slots includes daily bonuses, a variety of slot machine themes, multiplayer tournaments, and various mini games
  • Casino Joy Vegas Casino Slots – the application gives a huge amount of in-game currency to make first bets, includes multiple themes and offers the potential for large payouts and 40-line slots.
  • Hana Games slots includes such themes as Greek gods, Egyptians, under-the-sea world, Aladdin stories, and a few others. The gaming process is simple and the rules are very easy to understand.
  • Super Lucky Casino – one of the most popular free slot apps for Android phone with lots of slot games themed in various ways and offering up to 20 free spins as a bonus.
  • Pharaoh’s Way Slots – features a variety of 3 and 5 reel slots games. The gambler can play 10, 25 and 50 lines.

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